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We are a Certified Anger Management provider using the Anderson & Anderson Anger Management Curriculum and Model. This model is often used by Fortune 500 Companies, Corporate Development and Human Resource Departments, Rehabilitation Facilities, and Colleges as well as many Federal Government Agencies such as the U.S. Postal Service, NASA and branches of the Armed Forces. It is also used for civility training for physicians, attorneys, corporate executives and for individuals and couples.

In addition, State Agencies across the country such as Family Services, Child Protective Services, Parole and Probation Agencies and Criminal and Family Courts have utilized these services. Hospitals, Medical Boards, Bar Associations and Attorneys as well as Corporations have also used these services for Disruptive Physicians, for Attorneys requiring Civility Training, for Disruptive Executives and Employees and for Organizational Management training.

Why is Anger Management training necessary? The following can help us understand how destructive out-of-control anger can be: 

  • Anger may cause job termination.

  • Individuals with high levels of hostility and aggressiveness may report less marital satisfaction     and more marital conflict.

  • Failure to deal effectively with anger may destroy relationships and marriages.

  • Anger in the workplace may create a hostile work environment for employees and may not be     conducive to healthy interpersonal relationships among employees which may further lead to     customer or client dissatisfaction.

  • Anger can lead to inter-professional conflicts and loss of professional privileges, professional       licenses and protracted legal issues.

  • Anger can lead to other serious legal problems.

  • Anger that is unresolved and untreated may ultimately lead to serious health complications for     those involved.

  • Anger may be a predictor of heart disease as is high cholesterol, smoking or high blood               pressure.

Our program is NOT THERAPY. We only teach skill enhancement techniques. 
We do not use or prescribe medications.

*Testimonials appearing on this site are individual experiences, reflecting real life events of those who have used our services. Individual results may vary.

Dr. Steven J. Sinert, Certified Anger Management Provider 
Diplomate, American Association of Anger Management Providers

Las Vegas, Nevada

Phone: 702-353-1750 

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Dr. Steven J. Sinert, Certified Anger Management Provider 
Diplomate, American Association of Anger Management Providers

Phone: 702-353-1750 

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