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Diplomate, American Association of Anger Management Providers
Client Testimonials*

"Dr. Sinert teaches the course in a way that is easy to understand and helpful in the process of getting your anger under control. I believe the class is worth while for anybody who feels like anger is affecting their lives."
JT, Las Vegas, NV

"I enrolled in Dr. Sinert’s course because I needed help communicating 
when I was frustrated 
with my family and co-workers rather than 
lash out in anger. I 
found the “classroom” approach of the 
course very helpful
 as it allowed me have 
a mindset of a student rather than a 
perpetrator; I did not 
feel like I was in therapy."
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First, it is important and necessary to understand that stress, anger and aggression may be the principal factors that may precipitate an inappropriate act of violence towards another person. Intimate partners, family members, friends, co-workers, employees or employers, business associates, business clients or even strangers can be the victims of this behavior.

While anger is a natural and normal human emotion, it may sometimes get out of control and result in destructive interpersonal relationships, workplace issues such as hostile environments, legal issues, and a less than desirable quality of life. 

Exhibiting anger may place you in harm's way and may create a serious disruption in normal relationships. 

Instinctively, one's immediate reaction to the perception that we are being attacked sometimes is to respond angrily and aggressively. You cannot control what other people say, however, you may be able to control your responses to what they say.

Nevada Anger Management, LLC's program strives to teach you simple and effective methods to control youranger by giving you the tools, knowledge and understanding of your stress and anger, by enhancing your emotional intelligence and improving your communication skills. 

Anger and the angry reaction is a learned behavior rather than a mental or nervous disorder. Anger is not a medical diagnosis. It is a learned behavior which produces inappropriate responses and individuals with anger issues need re-training so that their angry responses and aggressiveness are reduced and assertive skills, empathy and stress management skills are improved.

The program and skill techniques we teach begin with an ENTRANCE and EXIT EVALUATION by written examination to create a before training and after training picture of your behaviors.We use a special and simple entrance examination (the Conover Anger Management Assessment) to assess your skill levels in

 1)  Interpersonal Assertion
 2)  Empathy
 3)  Stress Management 
 4)  Interpersonal Aggression 
 5)  Deference 
 6)  Motivation to change your behavior

This same assessment is again used at the end of the program to measure your improvement to provide a baseline measurement up front and another measurement at the end for comparison purposes.

The program also consists of lectures and discussions in the following areas

1)  GAINING CONTROL OF YOURSELF – this section teaches you the triggers or reasons you become angry and the good positive behaviors which will counter those triggers.

2)  STRESS MANAGEMENT - this section teaches you about stress, becoming more aware of your stresses, accepting what you can or cannot do about your stresses and coping with your stresses. More than one hundred (100) techniques are taught to control your stress.

3)  EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE – this section teaches a) about your awareness of your own emotions as well as the emotions of those people with whom you have any relationship and b) using your understanding of those emotions (both yours and theirs) to control and manage your behavior and your relationships so that the outcome is positive behavior without aggression or anger and C) Impulse Control.

 4)  IMPROVING COMMUNICATION SKILLS – this section teaches how to listen more carefully, speak more clearly and assertively without aggression and less miscommunication.

Our program is NOT THERAPY. We only teach skill enhancement techniques. We do not use or prescribe medications. 

Sometimes, in certain circumstances, it may be necessary for a client to be evaluated and treated by a health care professional or therapist and the appropriate referral will be made. 

We only offer a one-on-one educational program which may be highly effective in allowing you to attain new levels of control over stress and anger related issues. This program is not therapy and is not intended to replace professional psychological or psychiatric counseling.

Nevada Anger Management, LLC provides the tools for reprogramming your ability to respond to stress, frustration, and helplessness and a plan for managing anger and stress patterns. Individual results from the curriculum may vary and require motivation and discipline on behalf of the participant. 

Our services are available to the city of Las Vegas and Henderson as well as all locations nationwide. We also offer telephone Anger Management counseling and for high profile clients such as physicians, attorneys and others, Dr.Sinert is available for onsite training with advance booking.

NEVADA ANGER MANAGEMENT, LLC and Dr. Steven J. Sinert are approved for Anger Management Training by: 

  •  • Henderson Municipal and Justice Courts

  •  • Las Vegas Municipal and Justice Courts

  •  • Clark County Municipal, Justice and Family Courts

  •  • North Las Vegas Municipal and Justice Courts

  •  • Boulder City Municipal Court

  •  • Courts all over the United States

Dr. Steven J. Sinert, Certified Anger Management Provider 
Diplomate, American Association of Anger Management Providers

Las Vegas, Nevada

Phone: 702-353-1750

Our program is NOT THERAPY. We only teach skill enhancement techniques. 
We do not use or prescribe medications.

*Testimonials appearing on this site are individual experiences, reflecting real life events of those who have used our services. Individual results may vary.There are no guarantees of results.

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