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Client Testimonials*

"You will find that Dr. Sinert is an extremely intelligent man who really cares about his clients." BR 

"Thank you Dr. Sinert. You have helped my husband to control his anger. He uses the techniques you have taught him often and it has made a positive impact on our lives. He uses his new skills both at home and at work. He has truly become the person he was always meant to be." 

"I want to let you know how impressed I am 
with the services that 
you provide." - EY

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"Hi Dr. Sinert, I just wanted to let you know that my son faxed you a letter today thanking you for helping him with less anger and frustration. 

I was happy to read that he was able to see clearly that he was a frustrated, angry, know it all teenager when he first started coming to you for anger management guidance and counseling and now he's able to direct his frustration in a positive way. I'm so grateful to you and highly recommend your program for all teenagers and adults too!

I work with many medical professionals who have teenagers like my son and I have referred them to you. As parents of teenagers, we all have many of the same concerns regarding our children and you are a GODSEND!! Thank you Dr. Sinert! I will remember you forever and pray for you often. BC.” - Las Vegas, NV

You have given me the tools to successfully express my feelings in a constructive and healthy way. You have taught me that anger is normal and that it can be controlled.

I truly appreciate all of the things that you've done for me these 10 sessions. I now handle every situation in which I would previously react angrily, with calmness and patience. I no longer snap over every little thing.

Since completing my sessions with you, I have seen a great change in my relationships with my peers, my mother, and other important people. I make use of my once dormant skills of empathy and caring. I treat others the way I would want to be treated and make them feel good whenever possible.

I see many differences in others as well since my transformation. They have responded to my positive behavior and treated me positively in return.

Every day for me is now filled with joy and happiness thanks to you. I don't know where I would be now or how I would react to things that once made me upset if it hadn't been for you, Dr. Sinert. 

I greatly appreciate everything that you have done for me and everything you taught me. I see now that I don't know everything and that I have control over no one but myself. I don't need to be a policeman trying to tell others what to do. I just need to focus on my own attitudes and behaviors.

Thank you for opening my eyes to all of these things. I greatly appreciate you. Sincerely, JC” Las Vegas, NV


“Thank you for making me grow as a man!” JR, LAS VEGAS


"A few months ago, I had an issue on the job and my employer strongly suggested that I take an Anger Management program. I have to say that I disagreed but went reluctantly mainly to keep my job.

At 6'5" and 240 pounds, I simply dealt with any issues that came my way. I grew up in an alcoholic and verbally abusive environment and that is how I learned to deal with the issues. My mother had recently passed away and I didn't know how to properly grieve. This led to even more stress and anger issues.

Much to my dismay, I realize now that I really did need this program. Dr. Sinert has taught me how to deal with stress, my emotions and my anger in a calm positive manner. I have learned how to communicate better with my customers, my fellow employees and my family. I have learned to recognize the warning signs of an episode so I can take a step back and deal with the situation in a better way.

After all was said and done, I have to admit I am glad I was forced to take the course. Without Dr. Sinert's assessment examination and his training me, I would never have known I even had an anger issue. I feel I am better prepared to deal with my issues. JL” - Las Vegas, N


"AN OPEN LETTER - Yes an old dog can learn a new trick or two!

Not long ago at age seventy-three or so, I was made aware of a few simple truths. Since childhood I had been captive of a necessary emotional attribute - ANGER - a simple biochemical mechanism we are born with for the sole purpose of self-preservation; a fight or flight reaction triggered by sight or sound; a moment we are empowered to react to a perceived danger. Well and good for a self-designated Alpha creature at the top of a complex food chain - I am not that animal any longer.

I now realize that I am an emotional entity capable of making choices. I have known these abstractions but did not accept their validity or value. The human fore-brain is far too complex to be controlled by a still-present reptilian core, hidden deep within our physical brain and our awareness. Dr. Sinert pointed me in a direction of self-healing and awareness that abruptly changed me and all those within my sphere of influence. I enrolled myself in his Anger Management class after having had an emotional explosion at a movie theater ticket booth, which was embarrassing and potentially dangerous to those nearby.

After a few sessions, I remember saying something on the order of, "You need to bottle this teaching capacity of yours to allow one's taming of their anger!"

Thank you for your help, healing hands and compassion. I love you for it. I am a better and happier human being. JFK, PhD, retired ...and now renewed.” – Las Vegas, NV


“Before taking this program I felt frustrated and unable to deal with the stress and anger I felt in my day to day dealings with others at work, socially and at home. 

During my time with Dr. Sinert I became more conscious of how different circumstances impacted my emotions and also the perception that I had of myself and my general self-esteem. He opened the door for me with the right tools to not only better understand myself but also how to deal with the natural feeling of anger and stress in a healthy way. He taught me how to express my feelings and needs in an effective way thereby controlling my anger. Thank you again,DrSinert for this gift.” - AG ,MD…Las Vegas, NV

Letter from a Student*

“Dear Dr. Sinert, This letter is long overdue. I took your class about 7 months ago. I didn't even think that I had any issues with anger, and I signed up for the class in hopes of encouraging someone else to go. I have to say that the class has transformed my life! I cannot thank you enough for giving me the knowledge and skills to not only deal with any anger and stress that I may have, but to also be able to handle the anger that others may have. 

The skills that you have taught me have dramatically changed me and my relationships with people in a positive way and I can't thank you enough for everything you have done. I am not just dealing better with my own anger and the anger of others, I am also so much happier than I ever imagined I could be! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!"...MY, Las Vegas, NV

A Student's Testimonial*

"Dr. Sinert, If there were more people like you in the world, there'd be more smiles like mine. Thank you for making me grow as a man!" - JR, Las Vegas, NV

A Student's Testimonial*

"Throughout-my last 42 years I have had the privilege of playing many great roles on the stage ranging from Titus Andronicus to Biq Daddy Pollock to Dr. Dysart to Col. Jessup, all without fear or anger or humiliation. That I saved for my own life. 

I have lived outside the stage in the darkness of anqer and fear. I thought it was because I was guilty of being unstable and unable to communicate effectively to anyone. I lived alone, without relationships, with only the stage as my "happy place". I thought this was the way it was for me forever. This was my "normal."

You have given me a new script to play, a new script for me without an ending, a script without fear or anger or humiliation.

You have enlightened me that a simple defensive function in my brain was the base on which I created a living hell. You have guided me to understand that I have control of myself by reconnecting to reason.

You have directed me into a world where I am no longer ashamed to be me, no longer standing outside life, no longer afraid to be unscripted. You have taught me to communicate assertively. You have taught me how to manage my anger. You have helped me believe that love is a reality for me.

Thank you for allowing me to believe once more in the happy ending. Now I am very hungry to live, very hungry indeed.

You're a great playwright and I am proud to play your script." - JH, Las Vegas, NV


“If there were more people like you in the world, there’d be more smiles like mine. Thanks!” JR, Las Vegas


“I am refining my life, and you have helped me redefine some important steps in that process.” AC Las Vegas

Letter from a Client*

“I sought the services of Dr. Sinert, because my life and reputation was for the most part in shambles. I was too arrogant to realize that my risky behaviors would result in legal consequences. Whenever my family and friends tried to communicate to me about the ramifications of my behaviors, I would get upset and dismiss them immediately. It took me getting arrested and convicted to finally realize just how arrogant and unprofessional I was acting. I had to pay a considerable price and face some life changing consequences for my actions. 

I found myself feeling frustrated, ashamed and an overwhelming sense of hopelessness. I was in serious need to find someone that could help me deal with my increasing frustrations, constant fear and the apprehension about my future. 

The time I spent working with Dr. Sinert has taught me some very important skills. The following skills he taught me gave me the hope I needed dignity by controlling my anger: [1] Identify the things that I cannot control; [2] Understanding various ways to cope with irreconcilable differences appropriately; [3] Be accepting of the things that I cannot control [4] let go and move on. 

I have learned how to properly channel my anger and communicate effectively to the people that disrespect me or try hurting my feelings. I’m am not exactly sure what the future has in store for me but with the tools and skills that I have learned from Dr. Sinert, I feel a lot more confident in knowing that I am in control of my behaviors and I alone can dictate the course of my actions.” – MC – Las Vegas, NV


“Things are so much better. Thank You” - K, Las Vegas


“Thanks for the journey!” – MR Las Vegas


Dr. Steven Sinert’s program in Anger Management has helped me. I’m basically a good person, but I had a temper. People could push my buttons and get me to respond with anger. The worst part is that it would then make them look like the victim.

Dr. Sinert has taught me how to handle situations like these. He has taught me how to keep myself calm, and then respond appropriately. 

From a Client*

“My experience with Dr. Sinert's anger management course was in no doubt a great one, and I learned many new helpful tools that I now use on a daily basis. It seems the more I utilize these tools, the sharper and more positive my reactions are to stressful situations that before, would have ended in anger. I no longer feel like a slave to my anger.

I grew up in a world, both socially and athletically, where aggression seemed to be encouraged and rewarded. Yet as I graduated into the “grown-up” world, it became clear to me and others that aggression and anger were the crutch I used to help me walk through a life where stress is a constant. This crutch proved to be a broken one, as my angry and aggressive responses to stress negatively affected more and more personal and business relationships. 

Thanks to the Nevada Anger Management, LLC program, I now have a dependable crutch based on modern research, explained clearly by Dr. Sinert. I truly got the sense that I learned from the most intelligent information out there. 

I didn't even have the slightest clue about what was happening in my mind and body in response to an attack; whether it be from a loved one, or a stranger cutting me off in traffic. I even had to learn what constituted an attack! I now look at every attack as a test for being a better communicator and person,and conflict resolution is a much smoother process.

Before taking this course, I really assumed that I was right in my world. That this was who I was, and if you didn't like it, that was your problem. Rarely did I look at a conflict from the other person's perspective. 

This ignorance has thankfully been removed, and I now know that when I recognize an attack, I can react positively if I utilize what I learned from Dr. Sinert. 

This course is complete, and I really think it deals with every aspect of the causes of anger, how to react quickly before access to rational thought is lost, and how to communicate assertively and positively with an “attacker.” I now focus on “me” in dealing with stress and attacks, instead of “you.” There have been many negative experiences in my life and in the lives of others because of my anger, but I can't go back in time to create a new beginning. Thanks to Dr. Sinert and what I learned at Nevada Anger Management, the new “me” can begin today to make a new ending.” BG…Las Vegas, NV


Not only did Dr. Sinert's Anger Management program assist me in controlling my anger. It also helped me improve my relationships with other people. 

The class taught me new techniques on how to handle anger and stress. The class also taught me how to communicate more honestly and assertively in my every day relationships. 

The class taught me skills in empathy and emotional intelligence. 

I think that everybody could use a class like this as communication is one of the most important skills we have to learn. Many of the techniques taught in this class I have never been taught before. Again, thank you, Dr. Sinert, for all your help.” – BS, Las Vegas, NV


After I took Dr. Sinert’s program I utilized his techniques when someone was trying to be very controlling and offensive toward me. When I responded as Dr. Sinert had taught me, the person ended up getting so angry that he lost his temper and stormed out, while I stayed calm.

As an attorney dealing in family law, matters can get very emotional. Sometimes the attorneys can get angry as well. In the past I reacted badly to matters like this, and found myself yelling and screaming. After one hearing, my boss made me send an apology letter to both the judge and the opposing attorney. Since taking Dr. Sinert’s course, I have been able to stay calm even when other people in Court are screaming at me.

Just this past week I had situation that could have been resolved if the parties could just sit down and talk for a few minutes. The attorney who represented the other side wanted it to appear that we had been uncooperative, and then asked the judge to order us to pay his attorney’s fees because we were the ones who had been uncooperative.

When one of my law partners tried to speak to him, the other attorney insulted my partner and my client. My partner ended up hanging up on him. Before we went to Court, I asked the attorney if he and his client would sit down with me and my client and my other partner. I calmly led the discussion. 

The other attorney started insulting my client and then screaming and swearing at my client and my other partner and my client and my other partner stood up and argued back. I kept asking everyone to calm down, while I worked on solutions to settle the matter. By the time we went before the judge, my client and the mother of his child had agreed to everything, with the exception that the other attorney still wanted my client to pay his fees. 

He tried to argue to the judge that we were the losing party because we had come to an agreement with him. The judge completely disagreed. The judge ordered that because everything had been settled, there was no losing or winning party, and he did not award the attorney the fees he had been seeking. 

If not for the techniques that I had learned from Dr. Sinert's program, I might have been goaded into anger. Instead my calm demeanor made both me and my client successful.

I am also very grateful for how Dr. Sinert’s techniques have improved the way I interact with people outside of work. I was known at synagogue for occasionally losing my temper. Now I am able to stay so calm that my rabbi has asked me for advice on how I stay so calm. My wife also is very happy with what I have been taught by Dr. Sinert in dealing with difficult issues.

I will always be extremely grateful for everything that he has taught me, and how he has helped to improve myself. I cannot recommend his anger management course highly enough. Anyone who follows Dr. Sinert’s teachings will be sure to find themselves and the people with whom they interact much happier.” - D. H., Attorney, Las Vegas, N


"Thank you Dr. Sinert. You have helped my husband to control his anger. He uses the techniques you have taught him often and it has made a positive impact on our lives. He uses his new skills both at home and at work. He has truly become the person he was always meant to be." – Anonymous, Las Vegas


"Dear Dr. Sinert,I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the changes your anger management seminar did for our son. It made an instant impact but more importantly has been long-lasting as well. We are very appreciative and know that he has received the tools he needs to make wise choices when conflict arises.Gratefully,” R & D, Orange, CA


"Dr.Sinert's anger management class is great. When I first started the class I had a lot of anger inside and did not know what to do with it. On occasion I would even have angry outbursts. Through Dr. Sinert's program I was able to control my anger much better, and I have even noticed that I rarely have outbursts anymore.

Learning to control my anger has made a big difference in me. It is a very liberating feeling to finally have my anger under control. 

Dr. Sinert teaches the course in a way that is easy to understand and helpful in the process of getting your anger under control. I believe the class is worth-while for anybody who feels like anger is affecting their lives." - JT, Las Vegas, NV


"I want to let you know how impressed I am with the services that you provide. A colleague and very close friend of mine benefitted from your services after an episode in which he completely lost it in a professional setting and had to be physically restrained. Granted that the situation was extreme and he was pushed, but nonetheless he lost his professionalism to anger.

He availed himself of your service and shared with me the two wheels of appropriate and inappropriate strategies for dealing with anger and difficult people. I learned something in our discussions which I have attempted to use. I have seen my friend use these strategies successfully in many situations and am very proud of him and what he has accomplished with your help." – EY, Las Vegas, NV


"My wife and I were married only 6 months when we realized our frequent arguments were out of control. Although there was no physical violence, there was plenty of yelling and insulting behavior by both of us. It got so bad she wanted to leave and end the marriage.

We sought marriage counseling but it didn't work. It was not addressing the core of our problem: ANGER within both of us. So we searched the internet and soon found Dr. Steven J. Sinert's website, NEVADA ANGER

Two words described me - desperate and embarrassed; two others described my wife - skeptical and disappointed.

After completing Dr. Sinert's program, we both now feel empowered and relieved. Our marriage has been saved but also we have learned very important skills to help us in our future lives: How to control and manage our anger.

In my wife's native language: DAGHANG SALAMAT, Dr. Sinert (Thank you very much!)."DW & MW, Las Vegas,NV


"I attended your anger management class starting in August and finished last week. Your class was highly recommended by my Therapist. There had been several situations with friends and my wife that contributed to my anger.

I was upset with a particular group of “friends”. I am very competitive.

Through your class and focus on the Positive and Negative Behaviors, I began to realize that life was not fun for us. 

As a result of your program I became less focused on winning and more on enjoying the game. I also learned how to better communicate with my wife.

All in all I am enjoying retirement and life is so much more relaxing. I still have to unload stressful situations, while recognizing that in time these will resolve themselves. 

Your broad based course in Anger Management has opened new doors for me. Thank you" 
-SS, Las Vegas, NV


"I enrolled in Dr. Sinert’s course because I needed help communicating when I was frustrated with my family and co-workers rather than lash out in anger! I found the “classroom” approach of the course very helpful as it allowed me have a mindset of a student rather than a perpetrator; I did not feel like I was in therapy. 

I use the techniques taught to me by Dr. Sinert in casual and complex interactions I have with others. I believe everyone should take this class in order to learn how to handle conflicts so their anger is not projected negatively but rather their words and actions positively influence others.

I will have my daughters take this class when they are old enough to understand the concepts. 

I explored several courses in anger management; Dr. Sinert not only taught me about anger but also communication and was well worth my time and money. I have and will continue to recommend this course to my friends and family." -T.T., Las Vegas


"I was a bit hesitant to receive anger management training. Dr. Sinert was not what I expected. It was comforting, as Dr. Sinert is a sincere and compassionate individual. If you want to improve yourself and are willing to do the work, you may see significant positive changes within yourself. I am truly thankful that I have met Dr. Sinert, and highly recommend him.” – BM, Las Vegas, NV – 2014


“I have learned a lot in your discussions and lectures. Thank you for teaching me how to reconnect – to everything! You helped me re-define some important steps in that process.” – AC, Las Vegas, NV 


“It has been a few weeks since my final ANGER MANAGEMENT class. I am pleased to report that my life continues to improve. I came to you out of desperation. At 65 years of age and retired, my life was out of control.

I was not happy. I was taking my frustration out on the people I love the most. My marriage of 42 years was coming apart and I had very little relationship left with my 91-year-old mother.

I tried a number of professionals in the world of psychiatry, psychology, counseling intervention, and military assistance with PTSD. Nothing was working for me, and I was absolutely miserable. 

After finding you on a “Google” search of the internet I made an appointment. It was to be a life-saving change for me.

I’m glad I proceeded on after our first meeting. The education I obtained from you was dramatic. I learned why I was always so stressed out and angry. I learned about the fears I have that I was consciously unaware of and why they were there. 

You taught me why the same things made me madder and madder each time they occurred and why I lashed out at others so often. 

Finally, I learned why I was a hermit who hid at home, refused to talk to anyone, and shunned contact with anyone but my wife. 

After explaining the entirety of the “Why’s” you began to build me up by teaching me how to change these aspects of my life. Over the weeks as we talked, and I read the books and articles you gave me, I began to see the light.

Slowly, I am taking back my life. I am changing the old ways by my understanding why they were there. 

My attitude is positive and one that is no longer aggressive and combative. I now know that I am not “The keeper of the keys to the kingdom”. 

You have helped me to a path of freedom, to be a person and to enjoy my life with my wife and the world I live in. 

I am not sure how to say thanks to you. I can say that I will think of you and your teachings, suggestions, and with me the “push” to find myself. 

I still have a good deal to learn and much to master. My progress is measured by inches and not by miles. Every day that I go to bed not having had an anger issue with my wife is one more day of learning to think before I speak and to discuss my issues in a non-aggressive way. 

So, I will end this with a very sincere THANK YOU, plus, the promise to you that anyone I know or meet with the kind of problems I had will get your name and telephone number. My Regards” – BH, Las Vegas, NV


“Things are getting better and better for me. It’s getting easier to implement changes to my behavior. Thank you for everything.”- KL, Las Vegas, NV – 2014


“This course is amazing! I never realized how much of my behavior I was allowing to be corrosive to my well-being. I did not know how others ‘pushed my buttons’ and how this was putting unnecessary stress on me resulting in frustration and anger. Dr. Sinert clearly and directly instructs, mentors and coaches aspects of daily techniques to achieve a clearer and happier mindset without anger.”– RW, Las Vegas, NV 

Dr. Steven J. Sinert, Certified Anger Management Provider 
Diplomate, American Association of Anger Management Providers

Las Vegas, Nevada

Phone: 702-353-1750

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